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Polio and MMR Vaccination 2023/24

Following detections of polio virus in sewage samples in London last year, the NHS is working to keep children safe and protected from this serious illness. Measles cases in London have also been on the rise in recent years, and this can be a very serious disease. 1 in 5000 people who get measles is likely to die, and many more can suffer complications.

You have been sent this consent as we have identified that your child has not been fully vaccinated against polio and MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) and this means that they may be more likely to contract one of these illnesses than children who are fully vaccinated.

Please see the links below for further information on these vaccines:

MMR vaccination (
Polio (Poliomyelitis) | Vaccine Knowledge Project (

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Paperless for the planet

We believe in protecting the environment and this is a clear way to reduce the use of paper.

Handling less paper will also reduce risk of infection and makes the process of consent easier for you, your child, schools and our team.

Consent made simple

You will receive a confirmation email when you complete your consent and you will also get a notification of your child’s vaccination status once they have been vaccinated by our team.

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  • Can I take my child to the GP for their vaccination?

    Generally all school aged vaccinations are provided by the school immunisation team. The GPs can vaccinate in certain circumstances, but usually only if the child has missed their vaccinations after the school year it was due.

    Occasionally, the team may request that vaccinations are given by the GP if it is thought to be more suitable.

  • What happens if I have missed the 'consent cut off date' but still want my child to be vaccinated?
    Whenever possible the team will provide a second vaccination opportunity, either in school or a community clinic. Please contact the team directly for further information.
  • What if I change my mind about my child having their vaccination after I have submitted consent?
    It is important that you contact the Immunisation Team immediately and speak to a member of staff. We also advise that you contact the school if the vaccination session is planned within the next 72 hours .
  • What if my child does not attend school?
    The team will be happy to see your child in one of our community clinics. Please contact the team to discuss your requirements.
  • What if my child has a medical condition?

    There are very few children that cannot receive their vaccinations.

    However, if your child has a medical condition, it is possible that we will ask you or your child’s GP or consultant for further information to ensure it is safe for them to receive the vaccination at the current time.

  • What if my child is unwell following their vaccination?

    Not everyone gets side effects to the vaccines. If they do experience side effects, these are generally mild and consist of the following, especially if it is the first dose of the vaccine: feeling tired, mild fever, a rash, body aches and soreness at the site of injection.

    If you are worried about your child you can telephone 111 for non-urgent medical advice or contact your GP practice. In an emergency please telephone 999. Further advice can be found at:

    Call 111 for non-urgent medical advice and 999 in an emergency.

    Our team reports any post-vaccination side effects that we are aware of, so please contact the Immunisation Team if you feel that we need to report any reactions experienced by your child.

  • What if my child is unwell on the day of the vaccination?

    Vaccinations can safely be given as long as the child is not systemically unwell.

    If your child is not well enough to attend school, then our team will make arrangements to see them next time we visit. Generally, if they are well enough to be in school, they are usually well enough to be vaccinated.

    However, if your child is recovering from a chronic illness or recent infection, the nurse may decide to defer the vaccination until they are fully recovered. This is to ensure that any subsequent changes in their health are not wrongly attributed to the vaccination.

  • Where can I find out more information about vaccinations?
    You can find further information on the NHS choices website. Alternatively, you can speak to your GP, practice nurse or a member of the immunisation team.
  • Why do you need previous vaccination dates?

    We only ask for this information if it is needed to ensure the correct intervals between vaccinations.

    Please note that we do not have access to your child’s GP records, so we may not be aware of their previous vaccination date unless you advise us.

  • Why are you asking if my child has had 2 doses of MMR?

    Measles is again on the rise across the UK. We are commissioned to offer and provide the MMR vaccine to all children who have not received 2 doses of this already.

    Therefore, if your child has not had a dose at around 1 year of age and then again at pre-school age, they may not be fully protected.

    If you are not sure if they have had both doses, please write NO to this answer and our team will be in touch to discuss this and offer your child the vaccine during our visit.

  • What are measles, mumps and rubella

    Measles, mumps and rubella are very contagious and are spread through coughs, sneezes and droplets from person to person. Complications are more likely to occur in certain groups including people with weakened immune systems, babies under one year old and pregnant women.

    Complications can include chest and ear infections, fts, diarrhoea, encephalitis (infection of the brain) and brain damage. Those who develop complications may need to be admitted to hospital for treatment.

  • What is Polio

    Polio is an infectious disease caused by a virus. The virus reproduces itself in the gut and can spread easily to the nervous system. It can result in very serious consequences including meningitis, paralysis or death. The vaccine does not contain any live bacteria or viruses.

  • Do I get a copy of my consent form?
    Once you have submitted the consent you will receive an email to let you know we have received it. Please check your spam/junk folder if you don't receive it.
  • How do I raise a technical support request?
    Please email us on Please don't put any personal details in as this email is not for clinical issues.
  • What if I require the information in a different format?
    Please contact the immunisation team who will be able to assist.

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